Passing Days EP

by Lung Letters

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released May 18, 2017



all rights reserved


Lung Letters Austin, Texas

Over the past 15 years the members of Lung Letters have served time in Total Abuse, Dead Space, OBN III's, A Giant Dog, Flesh Lights, Nazi Gold and various other musical mistakes. The band conveys the calamitous soundscapes of Flipper and Scratch Acid, while delivering a live performance that has been likened to "watching a 5 year old throw a temper tantrum." ... more

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Track Name: Passing Days
You got your pretty head
Sitting in my lap
Looking at the stars
Like they were a map
This is how I see you
The way you were before
I won't see it again
Ever anymore
I see you drifting
Out of reach
It's all gone now
No repeat
We're out in the woods
The sky is turning black
Our map has turned to dust
There is no turning back
You see me now
And the man I was before
But who is this beast
You can't love any more
I see you drifting
Out of reach
It's all gone now
No repeat
I wish we would have found out
I wish we would have been told
I wish we heard the punch line
You get old
Track Name: The Coast
Everything out here is so close
You can spit and hit the coast
Everyone out here is so bored
They don't mind being ignored
Me and my girl
We drive around
And we take turns
Watching each other drown
I stay out late at night
I'm looking for a fight
Everything out here looks good
Subdivided neighborhoods
Nobody bothers to come around
So we burned the whole place down
How long's it last
This fucking trash
How long's it last
Track Name: The Line
Life seems so fucking temporary when you're out on the line
Helicopters and screaming bullets and you can hear the wounded cry
The only time I see clearly is in the fog of war
When the confines of morality don't matter any more
Out here the only thing that makes some sense is the will to survive
And the machines all keep moving ripping apart the land
And the boys fire off their guns with a wave of my hand
As for all the looting and desecration of the dead
Our message must be stated clearly now you won't forget what we said
And when the boy soldiers close their eyes they will see what they've done
I can see it's madness and it's just too intense
But it takes a little madness to make any sense
You look on in horror yeah, I know you do
Can't you see the horror - is all for you
Now the bridges are all on fire and the flags are covered in mud
The world has been turned inside out and the crops are drowned in blood
In the morning I got drunk and stared up at the sun
I looked across the valley and felt proud of what I'd done
All this viciousness is my art
Now I've torn the world apart